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Without a doubt, it’s a difficult task to raise your children by yourself.  As the custodial parent, you need to balance taking care of your children emotionally while trying to support them financially as well.  If your former spouse has failed to provide child support, you have every right to take them to court.

I have the expertise to ensure that you and your children receive the financial support that you all deserve.

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Divorce can be grueling when you have to fight to see your child.  You’ve seen it happen in the movies or to your close friends and relatives – the less time you spend with your children, the less chance you will have to form a relationship with them. Of course, coming up with a visitation schedule with your former spouse and/or through a Bexar County mediator can be the most peaceful route for both parties. 

The key to having courts enforce your visitation rights is to build your case with a child visitation enforcement attorney. 

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